This beautiful textile of a labyrinth embodies what the journey of Gateways 10-12 is like.

After having worked and practiced deep inner work of admitting powerlessness and developing a relationship to a spiritual walk of authenticity, by the time we arrive at Step 10, “Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it”, we have an inner awareness of who we are and aren’t, and are better able to tell when we are off track.

But we are human, and can easily find ourselves off track or in a blind alley again. One wonderful metaphor for thinking about how we are guided through this labyrinth of life is that of a GPS system. When you are searching for an address and miss your turn, your GPS doesn’t berate you. It simply says, “in 50 feet, turn left…” It re-routes you.

This is how the daily practice of personal inventory and making amends works for us. It re-routes us, and adjusts our course so we can get back in alignment with our soul’s highest calling…one step at a time.

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