If you could see yourself as I see you, you would know that you are the most beautiful gift to the world! – Violet Solar Color Energy

The Violet Solar Color Energy brings us a captivating message that we are a gift to the world in many special ways. Violet sees us through the lens of the Divine Mother energy and she knows the special gifts that we have inside of us that the world needs today.

In this wonderful discussion, Violet shows us how to embrace real compassion, forgiveness, mercy, freedom, liberty, and justice for ourselves and others, so we change the world. It’s easier than we think!

In a transforming group healing meditation, Violet brings these sacred gifts into our energy fields and bodies to help heal and restore us to the most beautiful gift to the world.

Host Helen Heinmiller is teaching an online course Healing with Solar Color Energies at Sacred U!

Read Helen’s article The Color Revolution in The Owl magazine for more.

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