“Living A Serendipitous Life.”

Lynn is an author, professional counselor, energy therapist, life enthusiast, and truth seeker. Lynn loves to help others live a serendipitous life.

Sacred Story

My spirit has been led to help people help themselves since I was a young girl. My mother was diagnosed with Manic Depression shortly after my birth and I spent my childhood watching her search for reasons to live.

As a highly sensitive empath, not only did I feel her pain, she nicknamed me her “little psychiatrist” after readily sharing with me all of her woes. I strived to show her the light in the abyss of her darkness.

When my mother committed suicide in my early teens, my drive to help others intensified. I was determined to find the spark in the dark and have spent my career discovering ways to do just that.

Since life’s best education comes from experience over theory, I’ve been given countless opportunities to experience all kinds of incredibly painful situations and circumstances, feel the gamut of human emotion, and discover ways to grow through them and use them to my advantage.

I believe that every experience we have, no matter what we label it, is meant to help us- to give us the “better” life we say we want. I believe that pain transforms us to soften and softness transforms to compassion and compassion transforms to love- the ultimate expression of all things good in life.

The skill I was born with is an ability to feel and see the patterns we create. The ones we think protect us, but actually get in the way of what we say we want. However, my gift is to see the power and meaning in our experiences and recognize the Serendipity in each one – the beautiful and unexpected gifts designed just for us.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor which is a fancy title for a job that allows me to help people see themselves. I am the reflection they ask for and the person who gets to lovingly call out their BS and redirect them on their road to awesomeness.

I am a Master Energy Therapist which lets me use my sensitivity to read energy and sense where people are holding on to repetitive patterns which impacts how they feel. This aspect of my career has helped me refine my intuitive skills and recognize the perfection we each harness and how much power we actually have over our well-being.

I am a writer whose passion is to share all I’ve learned and experienced. Writing is by far my favorite form of expression. I have two exciting books to share. 30 Days to Me: A Work-ing Book to Living a Serendipitous Life and my children’s book The Secret to Beating the Dragon both published by Sacred Stories Publishing.

  • I am the mom of two super awesome kids who make me proud, challenge me to check in with myself constantly and are more fun to hang out with than I ever was. And I was pretty damn fun.
  • I became a vegetarian at age 12 because I was in love with the actor, River Phoenix, also a vegetarian, and I wanted to be ready for him when we met so he would know I was the one.
  • I grew up with my Dad and my brother and won the title of “man of the house” after a highly competitive darts game between the three of us.