The Secret To Beating The Dragon


Andrew and his grandmother are best friends.

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Andrew and his grandmother are best friends and spend their time together telling stories of conquering imaginary dragons (fear) by being brave (looking fear in the eye).

As Gram ages and her life ends, Andrew is left to battle the dragons alone until he discovers that Gram has been with him all along.

Author Bio

Lynn Reilly always had the heart and mind of an author, but never believed she would be- until she looked her own dragon in the eye, watched as it scurried away, for her bravery it could not get by.

A lifelong professional counselor, she is a master of understanding human behavior and shares her learnings through writing to empower those of all ages. She lives in Connecticut with her children, Ella and Jackson.

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This wonderful book explores many important issues related to family and grief in a way that children can easily relate to. The beautiful illustrations also bring this touching tale to life! As an elementary school psychologist, I would recommend this book for children of all ages and have shared it with my own kids. – Amazon Customer

This is an amazing book on learning to face your fears on a few different levels. The illustrations are beautifully done. Great for children! – Pat D.