Three Men Six Lives


“The future is unconsciously created long in advance.” -Carl Jung

Dr. Bernie Siegel broke new ground with his monumental book Love, Medicine and Miracles. Today Bernie continues to impart wisdom about the true nature of love, life, and past lives in his entertaining and enlightening debut fiction novel Three Men, Six Lives.

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A grand adventure born of Bernie’s experience of his current and past lives awaits you.

When three conflicted men search for deeper meaning in their lives, through their sometimes painful and amusing explorations they discover there are no coincidences:

  • Jon Hokmah, an empathetic psychotherapist who comes to accept the fact that he became a therapist because of his own problems.
  • George Dingfelder, a stressed-out Jewish physician with a name longer than his lean body, a nervous smile, photographic memory, and a tendency to talk too much and fantasize even more.
  • Carmine Birsamatto, an Italian crime boss who doesn’t deny he’s a racketeer but makes it clear he’s not a thug. With charming manners and a soft spot for his grandchildren, he feels a deep conflict over the nature of his business.

Life begins to make sense when Jon attends a past life workshop held by the famed Dr. Brian Weiss and relives his past life trauma as a troubled teenage boy. What he remembers steers the direction of his life and the lives of George and Carmine.

Join this unlikely trio as they learn that love not only heals, but it endures. Sometimes the paths in life that look like detours are just different ways to get to where we are meant to be all along.

Author Bio

BERNIE S. SIEGEL, MD is a NY Times bestselling author, lecturer, founder of ECaP (Exceptional Cancer Patients) and a retired pediatric surgeon.

Bernie has been called a leading teacher of the Mind-Body Connection and is well known for his groundbreaking book Love, Medicine and Miracles. Bernie is also the co-author with his grandson Charlie Siegel of their book of short writings and poetry When You Realize How Perfect Everything Is.


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I have known Dr. Bernie Siegel since the 1960’s, when I was a medical student at Yale, and he was a mentor of mine on the surgical faculty. He was then and has constantly remained a boundless source of kindness, empathy, and wisdom. Three Men, Six Lives is his latest contribution to the evolution of medicine and psychiatry and to the transformative power of love as the ultimate healer.

Timeless wisdom flows from the mouths of Bernie’s characters in this important and entertaining book. Concepts of spiritual psychotherapy, past lives, and the fearless courage born of unconditional love and awakened consciousness are carefully explored. I highly recommend Three Men, Six Lives to you.

-Brian L. Weiss MD, NY Times Best Selling Author of Many Lives, Many Masters