The question that I get asked the most in the work that I do as a spiritual counselor and intuitive channel is, “What is my true purpose?”

Many of us get fixated on needing to know the what and why of our individual mission, without noticing and celebrating where we are along the way. Crucially, aligning with our true purpose is a process. At each stage, we go through healing that further activates our capacity to carry out what we came here to do. This healing includes reconciling or balancing karma which always strengthens our understating of ourselves and empowers us, but also harmonizes our vibration, fine-tuning us for our mission.

Perhaps your purpose is to be in service of humanity as a healer, to offer guidance, compassion, or direction to others, or to share your visionary ideas with the world through art or innovation. Even if you feel that today you are not yet engaged in the specific life situation that overtly showcases your greater purpose, all that you are doing right now is most certainly cultivating your readiness to do what you came here to do.

Maybe you are uplifting customers in your day job to facilitate the energy of flow in your creative process? Maybe you are working odds and ends to learn how to multitask as the multidimensional healer you are meant to be? Let’s explore a few ways you can begin to appreciate that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. We will start by exploring the relationships in our lives that carry a particularly strong charge.

Relationships as Karmic Balancing

The relationship we have with our family of origin, our friends, our lovers, our children, and even those within our work environment, all offer potent transformative opportunities. Not only do they support our growth by offering mirrors for us to see ourselves clearly, but they create opportunities to balance karma. Karmic balancing is necessary for our evolution. It advances our process and lifts our vibration. Very often, it is the friction within relationships that holds the most potential for healing. When we approach connections that are charged or trigger us with consciousness and heart-centered intention, despite the discomfort, we free ourselves, expanding with greater ease so we can take a step closer to our higher self. Pay close attention to the friction and endeavor to meet what shows up gracefully. These encounters are often chances to redo experiences from past lives. Doing so without holding on to resentment can show you how to forgive yourself and others. This is one of the biggest reasons why it is not useful and even damaging to judge another person’s situation. There may be a karmic process at play wherein the individuals involved are learning how to take steps to honor their hearts and play out what is necessary at a karmic level in a long ago agreed upon transaction.

Hurdles As Stepping Stones

Everything that shows up in your life, every single situation, contains powerful lessons. These are not meant to be pedantic, but instead they are part of your ongoing training that, when you are tuned into it, allows you to understand how to access to the next step. Lean into the lesson and expect there to be one at every turn. Some lessons are super subtle and nuanced, while others pack a punch. If you find yourself perceiving your current life situation as holding you back from your true purpose, stop and examine the situation.

For example, perhaps you are not finding the time to engage creatively in the way you want, are exhausted by life responsibilities, or working in a job that you don’t like (just long enough to get the good pension). If so, pause and step back to see how doing exactly what you are doing is the lesson. It may be that you are meant to deepen your acceptance, or to expand your perspective about what your true purpose is. When you consciously look for the lessons in where you are at, you connect you with the Higher Realms where that perspective is readily available. Doing so grants you more clarity to see how it all fits together.

Draw On Your Divine Teachers

Each of us has a distinct frequency. This frequency connects us to the specific Divine teachers that resonate with us the most. Explore who this is for you. What Ascended Masters, gods or goddesses, angels or archangels attract you? The ones you are drawn to the most share your frequency and assist you in carrying out your soul mission. When you remember who they are, you can ask them for support in living your true purpose.

The Sumerian Goddess Inanna, for example, is one of the seven in the pantheon of Sumerian gods and goddesses who can decree fate. She helps those aligned with her to remember that they decree their own fate. What are the attributes and characteristics of your Divine teacher that can assist you in actualizing what you came here to do? Because you share a similar frequency, you have access to the gifts you admire in them. Is this the frequency of compassion, creativity, leadership, the ability to defend the truth, or empowerment? Make it a priority to become fully conscious of whoever your Divine teacher is. Importantly, you always have free will and that is honored by your Divine teacher. Because of this, you must ask them for help explicitly.

One of the most effective ways to align with your true purpose is to open your heart to yourself and your individual and beautiful process. Accept the steps of your unique path as brilliantly orchestrated by your higher self with the support and guidance of your Divine teachers. Honor each stage with full presence and pure love, and it will become clear that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.



*Inspired by the wisdom of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna, this blog is an invitation to live as she does, like an Unapologetic Heroine.

Seana Zelazo, LICSW is a psychotherapist, spiritual coach, and intuitive channel committed to helping us live unapologetically, by restoring balance within and without through the wisdom of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna. She is the author of The Way of Inanna: A Heroine’s Guide to Living Unapologetically.