Have you been feeling off kilter and like you don’t know if you’re coming or going? If so, you are right on target. Spring has officially arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, putting us in in the middle of a planetary awakening and rebirth. The equal day and night of the recent spring equinox mirrors the internal balancing we are being called to enact. We need to be in balance to move towards higher frequencies both individually and collectively.

Bringing to light to the shadow aspects of self is necessary for bringing us into alignment. This often involves letting go of any patterns, behaviors, attachments, and beliefs that are no longer serving us. While such a process can feel like it’s knocking us off center, it’s what brings us towards centered equilibrium. The energy of the equinox is available to assist us in our pursuit. Anything that has to do with balance evokes the energy of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna because she embodies the unification of polarities. As such, she is an apt example of how to work with the process of living in balance. Even just thinking about her numerous dichotomous epitaphs, elicits sensations of alignment—we can accept all parts of ourselves by looking at them and bringing them to light.

Those who are particularly sensitive, intuitive, and connected to Mother Earth will feel the ways that the cosmos and our planet work together even more than most. Therefore, the equinoxes, solstices, full and new moons will feel especially potent and offer up dramatic opportunities to utilizes the cosmic energy interacting with the planet. The darker energy you may currently be negotiating, is responding to your Higher Self’s desire to heal and unify. In other words, your evolutionary process is allowing this darker energy to become visible now so that you can reconcile it to achieve equanimity—a place of balance within to effect balance without. Below are some examples of what might be showing up and how to counter the discomfort and successfully move beyond it to feel the equilibrium you are ready for.

The Process of Balancing Doesn’t Always Feel Great but the Results Do

As you negotiate bringing light to the shadow aspects of self, it is common to experience some of the following:

  • Exhaustion, headaches, illness, injury in any of our bodies, emotional, spiritual, mental, or physical.
  • Fear or trepidation about being seen or heard and yet a simultaneous pull towards center stage.
  • Overwhelming anxiety about everything, especially judgment.
  • Dysmorphic vision of self.
  • Relationships going through transition.
  • Sleeplessness, insomnia.
  • Individuals showing up in your life who mirror to you, an exaggeration of your darkest shadow aspects so you can learn to love them.
  • Enormous demand by others for your skill and gifts and, as such a chaotic daily schedule.
  • Challenging family interactions.

In short, everything that is uniquely difficult for you may be surfacing for the explicit purpose of advancing your alignment.

Tips to Support your Season of Balance

  • Engage in activities that focus on strengthening your physical balance, stand on one leg with your eyes closed, use a balance board, or try surfing or yoga. Intentionally develop your physical balance.
  • Bring balance to everything you consume by blessing it. Use a simple prayer over everything you put into and on your body, such as: “May this nourishment be purified with the Highest Christ Light to help my body come into perfect balance”. Write high vibration words on your water bottle like “peace, harmony, equanimity”.
  • Begin to work directly with the cosmos. Intentionally look to the above for support. Inanna as Venus—the Evening and Morning Star—appears just after dusk and dawn- reflecting the balance of our daily cycle. Go outside to absorb the energy of the Cosmos for a few minutes during these times.
  • Bring plants or flowers into your office and bedroom. Let their healing energy enhance your root chakra and center you. Place them next to your computer and your bed to help you work towards balance and unification while in the dream state.
  • Use a grounding and balancing mantra such as: “I am balanced, unified, and perfectly aligned in this now moment”.

Allow the season we just entered to inspire you to spring into balance. Consciously engage with the chaotic energy you may be currently experiencing. Know that it is, in part, a result of the increase of generative energy coming through the portal of the equinox and that it is helping us bring our polarities into alignment. Celebrate your courage in this process and let yourself be inspired by YOU!


*Inspired by the wisdom of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna, this blog is an invitation to live as she does, like an Unapologetic Heroine.

Seana Zelazo, LICSW is a psychotherapist, spiritual coach and intuitive channel committed to helping us live unapologetically, by restoring balance within and without through the wisdom of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna. Look for her upcoming book The Return of Inanna: The Unapologetic Heroine in 2022. seanazelazo.com