“Make Your Setbacks Your Comebacks”

My mission is to help fiercely ambitious women create abundance through heart inspired work and leave a positive legacy.

Sacred Story

Growing up in my small village there was little to inspire the imagination which meant I could happily escape into the wonderland of books every chance I got. I graduated college and joined the corporate world, wholly unsure of what I wanted to do and where my career would take me.

During my time in management, I uncovered a passion for empowering others through mentoring and coaching and helping others excel in their careers. After leaving corporate, providing this kind of mentorship was something I wasn’t ready to give up, and that is why these days I am an author and personal development coach. Every lesson that I have learned leading up to this point has prepared me for this role, and I now feel fully aligned with what I was meant to contribute on this journey.

My consciousness opened up to my divine purpose after reading Gary Zukav’s Seat of the Soul, in which he says, “When the personality comes to fully serve the energy of the soul, you are filled with enthusiasm, purpose and meaning.” This, according to Zukav, is your place of “authentic empowerment.” I believe that it is from this place that we connect with our passion and from here we are best positioned to dedicate ourselves to our life’s mission.

I am guided by my desire to help others forge a kinder, more compassionate world, glued together by generosity and, yes unlimited abundance. I now work privately with individuals who are ready to invest in themselves. This includes clients who do not know how to get where they want to be, those who don’t know where they want to be, and those who just wish they were anywhere else. I engage with clients who want to be their authentic selves and aren’t willing to postpone their true dreams until some far-off future date.

As a personal development coach, Nikki Chaplin is known for the transformation she brings to her clients. Her no-nonsense approach to uncovering career blocks and releasing paradigms is arguably one of the most effective approaches in helping those who are stuck break free, honor their passion and advance to new levels of achievement.

Her greatest satisfaction is to see clients achieve what may at first seem impossible goals. As a former corporate manager, she brings with her a wealth of hands-on experience, as well as her ability to focus clients in the areas of their greatest strengths and chief goals. She not only provides the tools and techniques to achieve your goals, but she’s expert at providing guidance in supporting you to achieve your goals. How to Consciously Design Your Ideal Life is her latest book.

  • I love fresh flowers, especially the deliciously delightful fragrance of white gardenias in full bloom.
  • Books are my necessary food. They are my great comfort and my go to when I need a helping of consolation.
  • Nature is where I go to feed my soul, whether walking the beach or paddle boarding near the shore.