“Angelic Sound Therapy”

Awakening and opening hearts thru sound to create a more heart-based society.

Sacred Story

I was blessed with a spiritual master, named Master Dolores, at age 16 yrs. She taught us how to attain God Realization thru the pathway of the heart. She also showed us how to meditate in the heart, saying it was the quickest and safest way to reach God.

Master Dolores took us on spiritual retreats every summer to Mt. Shasta, where I received a heart initiation at 18 yrs old. She opened and expanded my heart to depth I could not comprehend at the time, planting the seeds to my full heart awakening decades later. Since then, I have continued to meditate in my heart (30yrs+) and share Master Dolores’ teachings of unconditional love and the pathway of the heart.

I have had many mystical experiences since then further deepening my union and connection with God and still continue to expand in ways I never would have imagined possible. During one of those experiences, I remembered how to use sacred sound and voice healing to help others.

Kana Koinuma is a professional singer, voice actor, and sound therapist, using her voice and her connection to the angelic and archangelic realm to spread more love all over the world.

Kana has a healing practice (remote or over the phone) using sound therapy, pranic healing, and ho’oponopono. Her specialty is opening hearts and re-connecting people to their own higher self and God Presence.

  • Kana was a competitive figure skater for 14 years and also has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
  • Kana loves to travel to Sacred Sites all around the world anchoring love and light wherever she goes.
  • Kana enjoys baking specialty gluten and refined sugar free cake for children.