The Power of Sound with Sound Healer, Spiritual Guide, and Soul Intuitive Aleya Dao on Sacred Stories podcast!

Find out why it is important as embodied Spirits to be tuned into sound and the powerful impact it has.

Aleya says “the more conscious and thoughtful we are about the sounds we are exposing ourselves to, the more impact we have on our consciousness, our bodies, and our energy fields in this dimension and in our multi-dimensional states.  Being conscious of and tuned into other dimensional states is important because these other dimensions support and change the physical realm.”

Aleya shares her profound sacred story of her enlightenment experience while lying on a sound table and the teachings she continues to receive and share in service to her Spirit, and all of us.

Learn about remembering on the inhale, forgetting on the exhale, ‘minding the gap’, body devas, and so much more!  Join us!