Lina C. openly discusses the abandonment wounds she had to endure as a child after her mother divorced her father. She shares the impacts of growing up with a heartbroken alcoholic father, in a toxic male dominated environment. The rejection and neglect led down a destructive path of self hate, which caused her to attract a string of abusive relationships.

“I didn’t realize how disconnected from the sacred feminine I was.” Lina shares.¬†She has been dedicated to her healing journey. Now she’s using her music and poetry to shine a light on her pain in hopes to encourage others to come out of the dark. “We can’t have shame when we bring it into the light.”

Lina C. Poet, Singer-Songwriter, Event Host, Filmmaker, Literary Editor, Radio Content Producer for Night Moves: Exploration of Contemporary Sexuality. She will release her first album “Love Renaissance” later this year, along with her first poetry book, Walking on Oceans”. Follow her on Instagram @lina.cee

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