From Thorns of Pain to Petals of Peace!

Meet J.S. Drake, an inspiring poet who has lived through her own Dark Night of the Soul and has emerged with a joyful heart and inner wisdom that she shares in hopes of helping others find their way.

Her beautiful book May I Only Leave Rose Petals is a compilation of poetry about rediscovering the truth about one’s innate divinity in the face of great pain, darkness, fear, and separation. It is about coming Home. It is a journey through the Dark Night of the Soul to wholeness through its’ nine main chapters—from “The Forgetting” to “The Homecoming”. It is a catalyst to inspire, ignite, and lift people out of the darkness and into the light. It is about choosing love, again and again, to only leave a trail of rose petals.

Find J.S. Drake at @mayionlyleaverosepetals on Facebook and Instagram.

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