­When we contemplate the spirit of a tree, rock, mountain, or lake, those energies have a physical component that we can see. ­The realm of the elementals, by contrast, is where nature’s dazzling magic transcends the physical and becomes truly multidimensional, as these beings are composed of etheric matter.

What does this charmed, subtle realm consist of? Each tree, flower, plant, stone, and landscape have a nature spirit associated with it. ­This is different from the spirit of a plant or tree. Th­e easiest way to understand nature spirits is to think of them as being similar to spirit guides, who assist in maintaining harmony and balance within the natural world. Elementals are like the caretakers who look after trees, plants, and landscapes. When you see a figure or face in a tree, stone, or elsewhere in the natural world, you are catching a glimpse of the nature spirit associated with that natural aspect. In the invisible realm, consider the difference between a small pine cone seed and a massive pine tree. ­The elementals are the intelligent sparks of consciousness who work with the energy of the seed, helping it grow into a strong, towering tree. ­

These nature spirits are called elementals because they are typically associated with the elements of air, fire, water, and earth. For example, the element of:

Earth includes gnomes, brownies, dryads, pans, elves, and more. ­These elementals work with the soil, rocks, and roots. Besides helping humans connect with earth energies, they assist us with our physical bodies and physical senses.

Water includes the undines, water sprites, mermaids, naiads, and others. ­These elementals watch over the planet’s water, be it a lake, river, marsh, or ocean. They help us connect with these water features and assist us in working with the watery aspects of our emotions.

Air includes the sylphs. Th­eir domain is the air, clouds, and wind. ­These elementals assist us with inspiration, getting out of our heads, and obtaining mental clarity. Th­ey can help us engage with life force energy through the breath.

Fire includes the elementals known as salamanders, which shares no relation to the amphibian known as the salamander. Th­ey get their name from the lizard-like shapes that can often be seen in the flames of a fire. In ancient times, it was believed that the amphibian itself was born from the fire because when old logs were thrown onto a fire, they would scurry out of the flames. Salamanders can source us when we are going through a life transformation or need to be in fuller self-expression.

When researching and working with the elementals, you may come across the term “deva.” Devas are largely considered the overseers of the elementals, much like archangels in relation to the angelic realm. Devas are the metaphysical forces behind nature that support the earth’s ecology. When we use the phrase “forces of nature,” we are essentially referring to the powerful traits of these entities.

Fairies also have a special place in the realm of the elementals. While they are steeped in myth and folklore, physics justifies that these beings, in the form of electromagnetic matter, do exist in the subtle realm. Fairies are commonly associated with flowers, plants, animals, and insects. You can call on the fairies to help grow and nurture the plants in your home and garden. ­They have been known to help humans with uninvited animals, critters, and insects. For instance, if you have a mouse in your pantry, call on the fairies to help escort the creature to a more appropriate location.


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ANA MARIA VASQUEZ, author of  NATURE: Divine Experiences with Trees, Plants, Stones and Landscapes, has a profound connection with nature and animals. As a Multi-Sensory Animal and Nature Intuitive, she specializes in working with and helping others understand and interpret messages coming from Nature.  Ana Maria sees nature and animals as mirrors to our inner landscapes that support us in making shifts that we otherwise wouldn’t make on our own.

As a shamanic practitioner and certified Intuitive Strategist, Ana Maria also helps other unpack their intuitive backpacks and utilize these gifts in their lives. Her online courses Let Nature Be Your Guide, Modern Shamanism, and Nature as a Messenger are popular courses on Sacred U.