Albert the Peace Tree


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Come join us, as we meet Albert the Peace Tree!

Open your heart. Listen deeply to the life around you. A charming book for all ages, ready to inspire a love for the beautiful world we live in.

Author Bio

Reverend Kiah Abendroth’s passion for nature and respect for youth have inspired the creation of many poems and children’s books. Rev. Kiah’s work promotes the recognition of our inherent wisdom and aspires to create an experience of connection. In addition to writing, Rev. Kiah loves to perform on the trumpet and holds a Master’s degree in Music from the North Carolina School of the Arts.

Illustrator Shannon Reynolds
In 2012 Shannon’s endeavors as a massage therapist re-awakened her hand-heart connection, uncovering the wellspring of love, creativity, and whimsy that had been there all along. She loves to learn and has found that when she creates she understands more deeply… and in color! Shannon lives in awe of the sublime; there is so much beauty to behold. The surest way she knows to experience divine love is to enter the creative process whole-heartedly and to allow the sacred story to unfold on whatever canvas lay before her.