Common Sentience 6 Book Special

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Join our sacred circle with the first 6 books in our mystical book series!


Join our sacred circle!

Sit in sacred circle with us and learn the wisdom and hear our stories.

The first 6 books in Common Sentience are included:

– ANIMALS by Dr. Steven Farmer
– MEDITATION by SisterDr Jenna
– NATURE by Ana Maria Vasquez
– ANGELS by Tricia McCannon
– GUIDES by Marilyn Alauria
– ANCESTORS by Mindahi Bastida

Each book takes you on a mystical journey!

In Part 1 – Understand what the spiritual phenomenon is. Learn the ways it appears or interacts with you.
In Part 2 – Experience the mystical through the true, personal stories of people from around the world who have experienced it… including the author of the book!
In Part 3 – Deepen your relationship with the spiritual through practices, processes and next level consciousness.

Read or gift the first 6 books in our uncommon series . . . and feel the presence of the Divine in and all around you… at an incredible sale price!