Common Sentience Series Special!

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Transcend the ordinary with the first 10 books in Common Sentience, our uncommon and mystical book series!


Transcend the Ordinary with the first 10 books in the series!

Have you had them . . . those mystical glimpses into the consciousness beyond our five senses? In a sacred moment, a flash of truth or taste of grace moves through us. Our world expands and something is revealed, illumined, felt

Transcendent experiences like these are becoming so increasingly common that it makes sense to finally claim and honor the next level of consciousness we’re expanding into.

Read the first 10 books in our mystical series:

–ANIMALS by Dr. Steven Farmer
– MEDITATION by SisterDr Jenna
– NATURE by Ana Maria Vasquez
– ANGELS by Tricia McCannon
– GUIDES by Marilyn Alauria
– ANCESTORS by Mindahi Bastida
– SHAMANISM by Oscar Miro-Quesada
– ASCENSION by William Henry
– SIGNS by Simran
– SOUND by Drs. JJ and Desiree Hurtak

Each book takes you on a mystical journey!

In Part 1 Wisdom – Understand what the spiritual phenomenon is. Learn the ways it appears or interacts with you.
In Part 2 Stories – Experience the mystical through the true, personal stories of people from around the world who have experienced it… including the author of the book!
In Part 3 Practices – Deepen your relationship with the spiritual through practices, processes and next level consciousness.

Read or gift the first 10 books in our uncommon series . . . and feel the presence of the Divine in and all around you.