Push your boundaries of understanding and perception of the spiritual meaning and consciousness encoded in symbols you see everyday!

On Not This, Not That host Rev Patricia Cagganello welcomes back Mysteries Expert Tricia McCannon as they explore hermetics – the sacred symbol language of the Ancients.

Discover the origins of the Christmas tree and connection to the Tree of Life, the Star of David and connection to the merkaba, the bee, beehive, the chalice, Holy Grail and more! Tune in to learn the deeper consciousness encoded in the symbols.

Tricia McCannon connects the dots for you and brings the sacred symbol language of the Ancients to life with over nine hours of teaching in her incredible online course at Sacred U. Click The Lost Years of Jesus and Secret Schools of Initiation to learn more.

Tricia McCannon is an American Mystic, Mysteries Expert, and best selling author of four books. Visit triciamccannonspeaks.com for more.

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