“Addictions are just a by product of having suffered so much pain, especially as children.”

Aurora Esmeralda grew up feeling sad, alone, confused and unsafe. The sex trauma she endured at the age of four left a wound that manifested into a variety of addictions, diseases, and disorders, which included bulimia and stage three breast cancer. It also led to promiscuity and associating love with sex. Determined to take back her wholeness and wellness, she leaned on yoga and the healing power of food to restore her mind, body, heart and soul. Now she passionately shares her knowledge and wisdom with those who are also seeking to live vibrantly, authentically, and abundantly.

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Esmeralda is a certified Plant-Based Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor and Transformational Wellness Coach from Los Angeles, California. She started her incredible health journey as a child. Trauma, as we now know, is the gateway for most disorders and health issues.

After an abusive and neglectful childhood, Esmeralda battled an eating disorder for most of her teenage years and young adult life, as well as depression.

There were a number of times in Esmeralda’s life where she reached breaking point. She tried to commit suicide at 16, she went to rehab for bulimia at 23 and then the final straw was the devastating news that she had breast cancer when she was only 25 years old.

Instead of succumbing to the news and the disease, she took herself away and went on a journey involving the mind, body and the soul. She changed her diet to a raw food diet, she cleaned up her household products, she realized how much of a toxic world we live in and did everything in her power to fight against it and reclaim her body.

Her methodology worked. She went back 2 months later to see her oncologist and they were shocked. The tumor had disappeared completely. She removed herself from the western medical system and continued to self treat using food as medicine and yoga as her methodology for the mind and the soul.

She has been helping clients all over the world heal from serious and chronic life threatening conditions through her methodology of plant-based eating and stress reduction and body repair work through yoga practice.

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