Write what your soul wants to speak.

We appreciate your interest in Sacred Stories Publishing. We accept both agented material and unsolicited manuscripts. Please carefully review the following guidelines and the specific genres that our imprints accept before submitting your manuscript. All submissions must be sent electronically; we do not accept hard copy submissions.

At this time we are not accepting submissions.

Sacred Stories Publishing

We review manuscripts of personal stories:

  • Memoirs
  • Personal journeys
  • Narrative fiction
  • Anthologies

Haniel Press

We review manuscripts on the following topics:

  • Spirituality and metaphysics
  • Faith and wisdom traditions
  • Natural/holistic health and healing
  • Personal growth and self-discovery

Please submit all files as a Word document in 12-pt. Times New Roman. Include the following:

1. Cover / Query Letter with:

  • Name and contact information
  • Author bio / credentials
  • Other published works, if applicable
  • Website and social media links, if applicable
  • What is your book genre / category?
  • Is it nonfiction or fiction?
  • Who is your target audience / average reader?
  • Length of manuscript (word or page count)
  • What inspired you to write this book?
  • What are three central ideas that your work communicates?
  • How is your book going to help people?
  • What books are similar to yours and how is your book unique?
  • Is there anything else we should consider?

2. Synopsis of your book

3. Full manuscript

Email manuscript and requirements to [email protected]

Light On Light Press

We review manuscripts reflecting the priority genres noted below. Special priorities are voices driving the paradigm boundaries of our time.

  • Interspirituality and the diverse interfaith landscape.
  • World Wisdom Traditions and works about the world’s faith and wisdom traditions, especially new and important movements and initiatives, that are built on both intellectual integration and direct experience.
  • The Global Paradigm Shift to include writings by sacred and secular thought leaders who have prominence and influence in the current global paradigm landscape, as well as fresh voices that are birthing a more benevolent world and altruistic humanity.
  • Spiritual Practice and Inspired Lifestyle that includes content about awakening, self-help, spiritual practice, lifestyle, memoir, spiritual fiction, wisdom, arts and more that accommodate all human experience, knowledge and capacities.

If your great idea fits within our 4 categories of interest, we encourage you to send us your proposal by email, following these guidelines:

1. A cover letter within the email including:

  • a brief introduction about the book
  • how it fits one or more of our priority genres
  • how your experience has led to writing this work
  • what you primarily want to communicate to others, and
  • why this book will be helpful to others.

2. If submitting non-fiction, a full proposal in a Word doc, including:

  • an overview of the book, with the current status of the manuscript
  • the table of contents (as exists or projected)
  • a short paragraph summarizing each chapter or major part
  • a brief market analysis with target audience, similar books, and brief assessment of your network of contacts, constituencies, mailing lists, newsletters, etc., relevant to the potential success of your book
  • at least two sample chapters
  • author bio or vita, including contact info, other published works, and social media links and activity

If submitting fiction, please submit the above cover letter within the email, plus the full manuscript with bio or vita and social media presence.

Many publishers take a month or two to respond to a query or an initial submission. If you keep it simple and follow our guidelines, and if we like #’s 1 & 2 above, we’ll make our response quick, within a week or so, and ask for your full manuscript, or we’ll let you know politely and gratefully that your proposal doesn’t fit at this time.

Be aware that we have a number of additional procedural elements and options we may want to discuss at an appropriate time.

Email manuscript and requirements to [email protected].

Click Here for more information on Light on Light Press and their other media assets.

Owlet Books

Owlet Books focuses on excellent storytelling with positive messages that engage, entertain, and educate young readers. We review manuscripts on the following topics:

  • Picture books
  • Chapter books
  • Middle-grade novels and nonfiction works

Email manuscript and requirements to [email protected]

Garnet Press

Garnet Press, our self-publishing imprint, upholds the same level of quality as our traditionally published books. We accept manuscripts on the following topics:

  • Inspirational and higher consciousness
  • Spiritual and religious
  • Metaphysical and channeled works
  • Memoirs and personal journeys
  • Natural/holistic health, healing and self-care
  • Messages that are helpful to the world

If you are interested in self-publishing, email [email protected] for more information.

For all imprints, we carefully consider each manuscript; however, due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to respond to each one individually. We will reply within eight weeks to the authors whose manuscripts we are interested in pursuing. Receipt of a submission does not infer any obligation on our part to publish it. We do not accept any works with erotica, gratuitous violence or negative messages.