In part two of my interview with Angela Rae Clark, we dive deeper into her book The Other F Word, My Manual on Forgiveness covering the shame, guilt, rage, and resentment that can stem from sexual wounds.

Angela shares how to handle these heavier emotions in the most compassionate and gentle way. She also opens up about how her healing path lead to rediscovering and redefining the divine. The discussion is full of passion, healing wisdom and love. Be sure to listen to Part One if you missed it.

p.s. On January 27, 2018 Angela will be giving a Tedx Talk in Grand Junction, CO. The title of the talk is What To Do After #metoo. Sending you loving support Angela!

Angela Rae Clark is a writer, speaker, and coach. She learned that everything in life can be improved with more love and acceptance. Sexual abuse and exploitation were part of her childhood story. She hated herself and was overwhelmed with severe depression and complex PTSD. She’s healed these symptoms and no longer identifies with these labels. Angela now shares how her healing unfolded and helps others unravel the mysteries of their patterns and dysfunctions. “I love helping clients write the new story and imagine something more than they ever dreamed possible.” Check out her book, The Other F Word – My Manual on Forgiveness. Visit her site at

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