If you could see yourself as I see you, you would know that you are RICH BEYOND BELIEF! – Gold Solar Color Energy

Join Helen Heinmiller, the voice for Solar Color Energies this month, as she brings in a much needed message through the Gold Solar Color Energy about how we can bring abundance into this world.

The Gold Solar Color Energy wants everyone to know that you can experience Abundance in every part of your life. Abundance is not about acquiring money and it cannot be gained without experiencing Eternal Peace.

In this engaging podcast, The Gold Solar Color Energy reveals the major block most of us have that prevents us from tapping into the Universal Vault of Creation where everything you desire is at your fingertips and leads us on a healing meditation to clear these blocks away.

As a special celebration of the abundance that is all around us, Helen will be offering to The Color Revolution Podcast listeners her #1 Color Energy Product, valued at $100, for free and absolutely no obligation of any kind. Listen to find out how you can receive this healing gift.

Helen teaches Healing with Solar Color Energies an online course at Sacred U where she teaches how to work with five of the Solar Color Energies.

Read Helen’s article The Color Revolution in The Owl magazine for more.

For more information on all of Helen’s services and her new inspirational adventure/thriller, Final Redemption, visit www.evolvingtruths.com

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