Everyone has a story of becoming, of growing into who they are.

Whether about a personal challenge or triumph, or the experience of opening to one’s spiritual awareness, we believe that stories have power, purpose, and resonance. We connect through our stories and through them we deepen into the Mystery of our souls. 

This is the inspiration behind our book series Common Sentience which spotlights our mystical experiences through the power of storytelling.

Through the myriad ways that Spirit shows up in our lives—through guides, animals, angels, nature, meditation, or our ancestral connections, to name a few—we gain direct insight. Something is revealed, illumined, felt, and we are forever changed.

We would love for you to share your spiritual stories with us and join the greater sacred circle we are creating. To help your story shine (even brighter!) here are eight simple writing tips to follow:

  1. Use vivid, sensory language. Instead of writing I saw a field of flowers, write I happened upon a field of daisies and wheatgrass.
  2. When writing about abstract themes, use concrete imagery; e.g., I felt Spirit call to me through the pulse of the oak tree, its branches bending down in a cocoon of protection.
  3. Put your story in the foreground and yourself in the background. Instead of writing I couldn’t believe my eyes. The lion frightened me as it stepped onto my path, write The lion was majestic and intimidating as it approached the mountain.
  4. Let your nouns and verbs do the work; intermingle adjectives and adverbs only as needed and be precise. Instead of my great aunt was very funny, write she was hilarious.
  5. “Show” readers what is occurring, don’t “tell” them. For example, instead of writing I opened the door and a strong wind knocked me over, then the lamp on my bedside table crashed down, write A gust of wind whipped open the door, sending the bedside lamp crashing to the floor in pieces.
  6. Trim the fat. Eliminate words like very, rather, in my opinion, I guess/I think, sort of, etc.
  7. Use a warm, personal tone that is inviting to readers. Feel free to express vulnerability in your story; your readers will relate.
  8. Double-check your story and remove redundancies.

Write your story!

Help us change the narrative on the types of stories we tell. Bring hope, inspiration, and insight to our world, and become a published author at the same time! There is no cost to you.

Submissions are being accepted through December 31, 2021. Send us yours as early as you can, as we have limited space and some of the books are already filling up!

Have YOU had a mystical experience? Here is your chance to share it. Submit your story to be considered for inclusion in one of these incredible books!

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