Divine Love is a transforming power to use as a tool to change the world.

Crystalline Pink brings a surprising insight about what divine love is that goes beyond the sentimental emotional definition we commonly use and shows us how to connect to this source to help change the world.

Discover how you can be a superhero for those you care for and the world without depleting your energy levels. Experience a powerful meditation where you will take part in a dynamic world healing.

You will also learn about Helen’s incredible products and programs that are ready to help you color your world amazing! For more information on all of Helen’s services and her new novel, Final Redemption, visit www.evolvingtruths.com

Read Helen’s article The Color Revolution in The Owl magazine for more.  https://issuu.com/theowlmagazine/docs/the_owl_winter_2017/28

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If you could see yourself as I see you, you would know that you are Deeply Loved at Every Moment!” -Crystalline Pink Solar Color Energy