“If you could see yourself as I see you, you would know that you are on course for greatness”- Aquamarine Solar Color Energy

Join Helen Heinmiller, Queen of Color, in this engaging conversation with the Aquamarine Solar Color Energy about how we are, individually and collectively, on an amazing course for greatness!

In our discussion, Aquamarine reveals a new understanding of how every experience we have, good and bad, serves the goal we all share of arriving at our final destination – the White Light we call home! Aquamarine reveals the precious gifts it brings to us that will empower us to stay on course of this goal.

Helen teaches Healing with Solar Color Energies an online course at Sacred U where she teaches how to work with five of the Solar Color Energies.

Read Helen’s article The Color Revolution in The Owl magazine for more.

For more information on all of Helen’s services and her new inspirational adventure/thriller, Final Redemption, visit www.evolvingtruths.com

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