“Shine Like The World Needs You. It Does.” 

Life simplification. Spiritual awakening. Humanitarian impact. Sora Garrett mentors people to create lives of simple abundance and flow, as they move from goal-driven to God-inspired living.

Sacred Story

There are so many pathways into consciousness, and I believe my main awakening has been through the path of letting go. Rather than a sudden event, my journey has been more of a gradual releasing of layers to get to the core essence of who I am. After accumulating roles, beliefs, and possessions during the first half of life…my sacred story begins when I stopped identifying with the external roles and started simply shining from within.

Looking back, there are three pivot points that seem most significant.

First, was becoming a mother. There is nothing like seeing through the eyes of a child for the second time around, this time with more consciousness. My children and grandson teach me much about holding all life sacred. They were also a catalyst for me to simplify my life to be more in tune with the spiritual and to have more time with them.

Second, was the choice to leave the corporate world to become a soul-preneur. My business has been my journey into the spiritual realm, and it has given me so many rich experiences of awakening. I believe following our creative energy via work is one of the best ways to learn who we are, at the core, and how we are intended to show up in the world.

Third, was meeting my spiritual mentor, then choosing to study with her for more than two decades. Having someone to reflect where I’m holding onto Ego Illusion, then guide me into deeper connection with the Soul’s knowing has been such an essential part of my journey. It’s an ongoing choice to forgive the past and to rise into the present with full awareness and respect for the whole.

Sora Garrett is an author, spiritual mentor, and highly creative humanitarian who is currently serving as a life simplification guide. She believes we each have an important part to play in the Great Awakening, and that the best way to find our part is to clear all the distractions from our lives.

Her super-power is seeing the brilliance in others and coaxing them to shine even brighter for the world. Writing is Sora’s way of expressing the essential, simplifying the complex, and reflecting the beautiful.

Her most recent book, Simply Enough: Create Space for What Matters, is a timely exploration into the layers that keep us from living in full, radiant connection with what is most important. Her book, The Miracle Keys, is a delightful conversation (with an angel) about the essential keys to living an abundantly happy life.

Passionate about creating grassroots change, Sora funds select collaborative giving programs through her mentoring circles and courses. Learn more and share your favorite causes with her at soragarrett.com/simplygive.

Sora lives in Star, Idaho with her husband of 40+ years, their mini-schnauzer Emma Joy, and an abundance of flowers. She has an amazing grandson who is one of life’s great joys. She loves to ski, hike, garden, take long walks by the ocean, and meditate in her hammock.

Connect with Sora at https://soragarrett.com, through Facebook (Shining Sora/Joyful Simplicity Club) or email shine@soragarrett.com.

  • I learned to meditate and joined the army reserves in the same year (when I was a freshman in college).
  • When I was in my 30’s, I joined an adult tap-dancing class. We dressed in slinky costumes & performed on stage several times each year.
  • I can never have enough flowers in my garden.