“Color Your World Amazing!”

Helen is the Queen of Color and the creator of new Solar Color Energy Healing Programs and offers personal and group healing sessions, guided color energy meditations, videos, and online education to support healing and success in every aspect of your life.

Sacred Story

I was born spiritually aware, but struggled with managing and understanding the healing gifts I brought with me into the world. After abandoning these gifts, I tried hard to fit into what we deem as “normal inside the box living”, but there was always an empty place inside of me.

I became successful in corporate America, but that did not fill my empty place. After years of struggling with major medical setbacks and challenging relationship issues, my healing gifts returned. It was then that a group of spiritual guides called Gene entered my life, and I was blessed to meet the Solar Color Energies. Although I resisted them at first, these Solar Color Energies started healing every area of my life. The changes were so powerful that I knew I needed to show others how these new 21st century wellness tools can support their healing too.

Today, my life is filled with color and a new appreciation for how sacred and powerful we are. I originally resisted the Color Energies, because their guidance for healing seemed too simple and hadn’t been tried in “the box”. Now I understand that what’s outside “the box” isn’t scary at all – it’s our redemption!

Today Helen’s life is all about color! Author, healer, podcast host, and Solar Color Energy expert, Helen Heinmiller, offers unique new healing techniques that can help people of all ages lead a healthier and happier life.

Helen has a spiritual practice and leads workshops and meditation classes. Helen spent fifteen years working in corporate America before becoming an author and spiritual practitioner. Helen designed and built a state-of-the-art community garden in 2010 that grows organic produce for local food pantries in her area.

For over twenty years, Helen has been studying with Modern Mystics and has been given great knowledge recently about Solar Color Energies. This has led her to developed amazing new meditations and programs using the Solar Color Energies to help reduce stress, improve sleep, and promote healing. These color energies have changed her life and it is her mission to share them with the world. Helen has written novels that reflect her new understandings about the human spirit including her spiritual thriller Final Redemption.

  • Helen loves making compost! She gets a “gardener’s high” when she digs up the black gold of the garden.
  • One of Helen’s favorite book series is Anne McCaffrey’s Dragons of Pern. She loves the dragon world she created and she would love to fly a dragon to help save the world.
  • What scares Helen the most is standing by a cliff’s edge. She travelled to Ireland but could not go near the many cliffs edges she visited. She tried sitting on a wall that went to edge, but almost had a panic attack when she got a foot away from the edge.