Bring Him Home


Life had caused their paths to cross once before, but it would take the magic of synchronicity to reunite them.

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Life had caused their paths to cross once before, but it would take the magic of synchronicity to reunite them.

When a charismatic author is divinely guided to meet the woman of his dreams, his immediate attraction to her transcends her physical beauty. Very quickly their minds, hearts, and souls become utterly intertwined as the two lovers embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery to unite the divine masculine and feminine energies held within. Their electrifying passion, combined with powerful kundalini energy and courageous vulnerability leads him to a place, unlike anything he has ever experienced.

Plagued by a series of failed relationships and inspired by the depth of his feelings for this enigmatic woman, he pledges to purge himself, once and for all, of his fear to love and be loved by another. Their sacred union, while tumultuous is oftentimes stunningly blissful and mystical; a catalyst to heal the deep wounds that he had carried for too long.

Will his commitment to love be enough to Bring Him Home?

Author Bio

For the last twenty years, Miguel Dean has been immersed in the ‘twin paths’ of healing and transformation which can be summarized as an inner journey to heal his own wounds, facilitated and complemented by his contribution to the service of others and spiritually rooted social change.

Miguel has now evolved into a profoundly effective catalyst for change in the marriage of the divine twin flame masculine and feminine within adults.


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A Perfect Twin Flame Love Story
“I read this book as I am very interested in the twin flame scenario. The author was so easy to relate to & I read the book at every given opportunity over the period of a couple of days. It was very readable & the writing felt genuine & personal, like a true labour of love. I really liked the fact that it was also a love story with himself as well as with his twin flame. A great book that highlights issues of the twin flame journey, and of the healing journey that the author is on. A very honest book, clearly written from the heart. Simply beautiful.” – Mrs. H

Take It Home!
“This book will keep you gripped from cover-to-cover! The beauty of a modern, middle-aged masculine bravely marauding his deepest wounds and highest, wide-open love, and yet all written with such respect, honour and sensitivity, is refreshing, rejuvenating and is contributing to restoring divine unity on this amazing planet we occupy.

Miguel’s book bravely describes a raw, personal journey many of us can relate to, one of how deeply seeded childhood wounds pervade a spiral timeline and become unconsciously entrenched in spikey adult relationships…until a cataclysmic, predestined soul crosses another’s path, magnetizing and electrifying all that was previously known about relationship, turning it, and them, inside-out, upside-down and tumultuously turns the seeking for Love from without to go deep, deep within. There are passages throughout the book that reached into my own journey and flashed bolts of clarity at me! Take It Home…you won’t regret it!” – JC Barret