About The Author

SIMRAN is a love catalyst, rebel humanitarian, and sacred soul activist. She is the #1 rated host of 11:11 Talk Radio and publisher of Nautilus Award-winning 11:11 Magazine. SIMRAN creates art, online courses, books and media to bridge humanity’s experience and expression. A Tedx speaker, SIMRAN speaks about the beauty of our humanity, in all of its expressions, and the radiance of our Divinity, as an eternal experience.

SIMRAN is author of the Gold Award-winning books: Conversations With The Universe, Your Journey to Enlightenment and Your Journey to Love. SIMRAN has also released a new trilogy on self-realization: LIVING: The 7 Blessings of Human Experience, BEING: The 7 Illusions That Derail Personal Power, Purpose and Peace and KNOWING: The 7  Human Expressions of Grace. SIMRAN resides in Charleston SC and is devoted to the journey of the soul.