Common Sentience Submission Guidelines

You are invited to be a part of our sacred circle and submit your story to the book series topic(s) of your choice. Your submission will be reviewed by our team of editors; due to space limitations, only the best stories will be chosen for inclusion in the books.

Story Requirements

Please note that all spiritual experiences are transformational and in this series we’re mainly interested in the mystical experience that you’ve had with Spirit. Frame your hero’s journey and then focus on your Divine encounter.

  • Share only your story and avoid any teaching-type narrative or promotion of your work or business. In this series, your story is the teacher.
  • For your story structure, frame up what is necessary to give context to your story then begin in the “middle of the action.”
  • Focus on your experience as the Divine experience is occurring.
  • Write in first-person point of view using as much honest, sensory language as possible. Speak from the heart. Take readers into the present-moment experience with you, utilizing all the senses in your description. What did you feel? See? Hear? Sense? Know? Where were you when the encounter occurred? See Tips for Writing Your Story below.
  • Avoid speaking to the reader in your story. Don’t use “What do you think I did next?” type phrases.
  • Your story must be true. Fiction or creative writing entries will not be accepted, nor will stories that are about someone other than yourself or “as told to.”
  • Stories written as a compilation of journal entries, an essay/thesis on the topic or a journalistic/blog piece will not be accepted.
  • Stories must be between 800 and 2,200 words. Tighten your language as much as possible.
  • All entries must be received by May 31, 2023. Send your story early for a better chance of being selected, as only a limited number of stories will be accepted.
  • All stories must be submitted through our Submissions form.
  • You may submit different stories to more than one book in the Common Sentience series. Please do not submit the same story to more than one book in the Common Sentience series.
  • If your story is accepted, there is no cost to you for your story to be published in the book.

Writers of all faiths, backgrounds and belief systems are welcome. These books are by and for everyone from all walks of life.

Note: We are not able to respond individually to submissions. If your story is accepted, we will respond to you via email by or shortly after the closing date of the submissions window. We kindly ask that you not email us after you have submitted your story. Thank you for your patience.

Tips for Writing Your Story

  • Use vivid, sensory language. Instead of writing I saw a field of flowers, write I happened upon a field of daisies and wheatgrass.
  • When writing about abstract themes, use concrete imagery; e.g., I felt Spirit call to me through the pulse of the oak tree, its branches bending down in a cocoon of protection.
  • Put your story in the foreground and yourself in the background. Instead of writing I couldn’t believe my eyes. The lion frightened me as it stepped onto my path, write The lion was majestic and intimidating as it approached the mountain.
  • Let your nouns and verbs do the work; intermingle adjectives and adverbs only as needed and be precise. Instead of my great aunt was very funny, write she was hilarious.
  • “Show” readers what is occurring, don’t “tell” them. For example, instead of writing I opened the door and a strong wind knocked me over, then the lamp on my bedside table crashed down, write A gust of wind whipped open the door, sending the bedside lamp crashing to the floor in pieces.
  • Trim the fat. Eliminate words like very, rather, in my opinion, I guess/I think, sort of, etc.
  • Use a warm, personal tone that is inviting to readers. Feel free to express vulnerability in your story; your readers will relate.
  • Double-check your story and remove redundancies.

Author Benefits

  • Inclusion in a best-selling, first-of-its-kind book series.
  • Professional editing of your submission so your work shines.
  • Publication by a world-class, award-winning publisher with a track record of success.
  • Your name and title listed in the book, along with your 30-word bio. You can also list your website on your bio.
  • You retain 100% copyright ownership of your original material. Our contract is non-exclusive.
  • You can order copies of the book direct from us at the contributor rate. The rate is up to 50% off retail, plus shipping, handling and tax. There is a minimum order of 10 books for this benefit.

Be a Part of the Common Sentience Book Series

What makes the Common Sentience book series unique and even sacred is the greater community being created around it. We’re excited for you to be a part of it.

  • We are creating a movement where everyone can feel comfortable expressing their own Divine self!
  • Our innate capacities are turning on at a greater rate than ever before. Understanding and honoring our Divine abilities and the abilities of others is a path to oneness.
  • Every book is anchored by an Author who is a renowned thought leader on the book’s topic ensuring the knowledge shared is grounded yet contains profound wisdom.
  • Their informed take on the topics elevates the conversation and sparks us to reimagine how phenomena like channeling, miracles, or ascended masters are perceived and understood.
  • Each of these wisdom teachers is opening a sacred circle and sharing their personal stories and inviting you to do the same.
  • Each Author invites you to submit your story and join the conversation. In this way, we are all sharing our stories together, thereby reinforcing a sense of trust and camaraderie around our mystical experiences.
  • The circle widens even more as our contributing writers—those whose stories are selected for inclusion in the books—share these collections of stories with their friends, families, networks and communities.
  • Pairing our contributing writers with wisdom teachers elevates the profile of everyone involved and offers limitless opportunities to share the wisdom and the books.
  • We see this project prototype as a quadruple win: For the reading public, for our contributing writers, for our wisdom teachers, and for the conscious evolution of humanity.

Are you feeling the call to write your direct encounter(s) with Spirit, share it with others and join the global conversation with renowned thought leaders in the field of consciousness and spirituality?

Why Contribute to a Book Series

Whether you are a first-time or seasoned writer, being part of a book series gives you the recognition of being a published writer without the stress and unknowns of doing it on your own, including:

  • Writer Status. Being a writer affords you instant credibility and adds to your credentials for future books. You can also leverage this to uncover new opportunities and use it as a “calling card” if you are in business.
  • Less Effort and Expense on Your Part. Self-publishing or traditionally publishing a full-length book is quite an endeavor and can be costly. Contributing to a book series enables you to focus on writing your best story.
  • You’re in Good Company. Your story will be included with those of other skilled writers and subject experts. Together, you will be creating a beautiful work that you can be proud of for years to come.
  • Collaborative Support. Since all contributors will likely be promoting the book to their own networks, this helps you become known in multiple new markets.